Land Use Zoning

All Municipalities are required to enact a Land Use Bylaw providing for Land Use Zoning. This essentially classifies the type of development allowed on a parcel of land and contains rules for setback distances from property boundaries, total percentage of lot area covered by buildings, maximum height of buildings and other matters relative to development. Please consult the Summer Village of Sunset Beach Land Use Bylaw for details.

This bylaw contains the rules and regulations for the development of land in the Summer Village.

Development Officer

Kim Bancroft or Garth Bancroft

(780) 239-7323 or (780) 609-0053

Email: or

Land Use Bylaw

The Summer Village of Sunset Beach issues Development Permits under the auspices of the Land Use Bylaw.

Sunset Beach Land Use Bylaw

Permit Application Forms 

Development Permits are applied for through the summer village office.

Development Permit Application

All other permits are applied for through the Inspections Group.  Please contact them directly with questions on these permits.  The Inspections  Group also conduct inspections on behalf of the Summer Village and are accredited under the Alberta Safety Codes Act.

Building Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application

Gas Permit Application

Sewer Permit Application

Fee Schedule

Development Permit Fees - $100.00

Accessory Building Only Permit Fee - $50.00

Other Permits - Contact Inspections Group Directly for pricing

Compliance Certificate (With recent RPR only) - $100.00

Development Permits Issued