Your Council

The decision making body for the Summer Village is a municipal Council consisting of three Councilors who were elected in 2017 for a four year term.

A Council is responsible for:
Developing and evaluating the policies and programs of the municipality;
Making sure that the powers, duties and functions of the municipality are appropriately carried out;
Carrying out the powers, duties and functions expressly given to it under the Municipal Government Act or Summer Village Bylaw.

A Council must not exercise a power or function or perform a duty that is by this or another enactment or bylaw specifically assigned to the chief administrative officer or a designated officer.


Jack Margolus



Jack Margolus is married to Sandy.  He practiced dentistry from 1977 through 2016.  He has taught at the U of A School of Dentistry since 2012.  Jack loves to water ski and visit with many friends at Baptiste Lake.


Morris Nesdole

Deputy Mayor


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Tim Evans



Tim Evans was born and raised in Athabasca.  His family has owned the property at Sunset Beach since 1939.  Tim is a permanent resident and has been on council since 2017.