Information for Cottage Owners from the ASVA

The Summer Village Association of Alberta has asked that we pass the following information on to all residents of summer villages;

Canada’s chief public health officer weighed in on the subject Sunday, making it clear in no uncertain terms that this is not the time to head for a cottage, cabin or camp.

“Urban dwellers should avoid heading to rural properties, as these places have less capacity to manage COVID-19,” Dr. Theresa Tam said at a press conference in Ottawa.

There are also supply-chain issues to consider. Retailers across the country have found it difficult to keep food, cleaning supplies and other highly-demanded products on their shelves. For stores in remote areas that are used to serving small populations at this time of year, a sudden influx of cottagers can make it even more difficult to meet the needs of their year-round customers.

If you want to read the entire article it can be accessed below. It is an article from Ontario but the same pressures will affect us.

There is also a quote from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer’s briefing on March 30, 2020.

“This is also not the time for people to go out to their summer cottages or seasonal villages to self-isolate. Services and supports are limited in these communities. Please stay in your own home, and away from others, if you are feeling unwell.”

You can access the entire briefing here.

Thank you and be safe.

Kim Bancroft